Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What can we learn from software development job posts? (Java, SAP, Oracle, SQL, and C#/C++ will get you a job!)

Several months ago, I posted some analysis of IT-related jobs listed on Dice and Monster. At the time, the hot job skills were SQL, Java, and XML. Things haven't changed much since April - although some specific skills have moved down or up on the list.

In summary, here are some conclusions we can draw from this data:
  • In almost all job skills, there are more jobs posted now than there were in April or last year in June.
  • The most popular skills are Java, SAP, Oracle, SQL, and C#/C++.
  • Job posts mentioning specific programming languages and popular applications have experienced the largest increase in jobs posted over this period.
  • The biggest jumps (by percentage, sometimes from a small base) were in job posts mentioning Android, Google, Facebook, iPhone,, and AJAX.
  • The biggest drops (by percentage) were in job posts mentioning Fortran, PowerBuilder, and Informix.

Here are the top 20 skills listed in job titles on and

Skill Total JobsPrevious
1Java 63163
2SAP 435713
3Oracle 35612
4SQL 24611
5C# 177810
6C++ 131912
8Linux 10926
9Peoplesoft 955-
10Windows 9474
11SQL Server 8178
12PHP 65719
14Siebel 405-
18Perl 26514 253-
The methodology in the analysis continues to evolve, so the results aren't perfectly comparable.

Some additional findings:
  • Language skills showed the largest increase in demand as a category, up 78%. Applicatoins grew 45%, platforms grew 36%, and databases grew 33%.
  • Database: Given the large base, there was a surprisingly large jump in posts for Oracle jobs (up 34%). SQL Server and MySQL also had large jumps, but from substantially lower bases. If you're going to invest in learning a database, at this point, Oracle is the clear leading choice.
  • Applications: had the largest jump by percentage (up 113%), but from a relatively small base (118). SAP (and related skills of ABAP and BASIS) had a large jump from a large base (up 50%). Siebel also had a big jump in mentions (up 36%).
  • Languages: There was a huge increase in job posts for Java skills (up 92% from a large base). Other languages that showed large increases from large bases include C# (up 47%), PHP (up 57%), and C++ (up 28%).
  • Platforms: Only in the platforms category was there a lot of change other than just growth. Unix was still the largest platform skill by mention, but Linux passed Windows with 34% growth. There was substantial growth in mentions for Google, Android, iPhone, and AJAX. There was healthy growth for most platforms, with the notable exception of Blackberry-related jobs.
  • Skills that are not in high demand or growing: Informix, Sybase, PowerBuilder, Fortran, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Yahoo, Widgets/Gadgets.
  • Skills that are surprisingly low in demand: HTML5, Azure, Facebook.
  • Overall, there was an increase of 50% in job posts on these two sites.
If you have any skills you'd like to see tracked in these posts, please post a comment and I'll see about including them next time. Thanks!