Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Steve Jobs and Apple Reject Adobe Flash

In the spirit of Top Ten lists, here's Steve Jobs' "Top Ten Reasons for Rejecting Adobe Flash" (for the irony-impaired, please note that this post is not based on the truth):

#10: Adobe Flash is too proprietary to run on any of Apple's beautifully open systems (except for all Macs).

#9: Adobe Flash is too much of a power hog to run on any of Apple's battery powered devices (except for all Mac laptops).

#8: Very few applications are affected by Apple's rejection of Adobe Flash (except for just about all social games, just about all enterprise software packages with modern interfaces, and just about all financial services and health and education web site applications).

#7: Very few web sites are authored using Adobe Flash, as compared to HTML5 (except for 85 of the top 100 web sites in the world).

#6: Very few iPhone, iPod, and iPad users would like Apple to support Adobe Flash (except for an overwhelming majority, including my son).

#5: The Apple community has, over the years, benefited very little from Adobe's support (except for just about every graphic designer in the world, who generally use Adobe products on Macs).

#4: HTML5 will someday (in several years) be able to do just about everything Adobe Flash does today.

#3: Someone managed to hack up a very old game to be able to run in HTML5 (in a lab experiment).

#2: Adobe has not backdated any stock options to any Apple executives.

#1: Apple does not need to provide reasons for its decisions about what software they will allow you to run on a device you own.

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