Friday, September 3, 2010

Who will Oracle acquire next?

Oracle has been very acquisitive in past years. In a recent analysis of Oracle's acquisitions, Stephen Jannise of prepared this excellent infographic of Oracle's acquisitions timeline, categories, and size:

I would have put Industry Solutions at the left, to show a real spectrum from industry to application to middleware to database to hardware, but this graphic reveals real insight into Oracle's strategy and focus on acquisitions over the past 5 years.
The article also points out some interesting analysis of what characterizes a good deal for Oracle. According to Stephen:

At the highest level, the motivations behind Oracle’s largest acquisitions appear to be the following:

  • Grow market share leadership in key enterprise markets;
  • Expand profitability by consolidating high-margin support revenue; and,
  • Increase strategic relevance by offering a complete technology stack.

This last bullet is something that has played a larger role in really only two of Oracle's acquisitions, both recent, but does two points define a trend? It certainly makes sense and is consistent with speaking points from the company's senior executives.

So, who do you think Oracle will acquire next? Vote in this poll to share your opinion.

After the poll closes, I'll post an analysis of the results here.


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