Saturday, June 13, 2009

What can we learn from software development job posts?

What can we learn from software development job posts? A lot!
  • No one is building apps for the Palm Pre, and not too much for Android
  • More Blackberry development than iPhone
  • No more Web 2.0 jobs (AJAX, widgets, etc.)
  • Still plenty of demand for legacy/niche products (e.g. mainframe, assembly language programming, PowerBuilder, COBOL, Informix, Peoplesoft, Siebel)
  • Unix is still a force, but not much demand for Mac development
  • Dynamics is falling further behind
  • Skills in popular platforms like Oracle, SAP, Java, C++/C#, and Unix/Linux are still in high demand, even in this weak economy
I'll post every once in a while on this topic, so please let me know if there are other skills I should track. Obviously, this is not likely to be a statistically valid sampling with a confidence level of +/-5%, and this should be a leading indicator (hiring) rather than a trailing or current indicator (number currently employed or employed in the past), but it is still illuminating data.

Here are some skills/terms, and the number of occurences of those terms (including alternative spellings) in job posts to

SQL 1159
Oracle 1774
SQL Server 415
DB2 127
MySQL 128
Sybase 79
Informix 15
PL/SQL 153
PowerBuilder 34

SAP 1942
Peoplesoft 575
Siebel 210 63
Dynamics 57

Java 2192
C# 829
C++ 728
Perl 109
PHP 295
Python 65
Ruby 134
Assembler 20

Windows 487
Linux 531
Unix 686
VMWare 95
Mac 32
Blackberry 45
iPhone 31
Palm 3
Android 25
Facebook 1
Google 7
Yahoo 0
Widget 2
IBM 84
Mainframe 157
Embedded 240
Azure 0

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